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Core Programs

Live STEM FORCE Days are offered once a month. The STEM Days consist of interactive sessions where students can participate in hands-on STEM activities. Students can pre-register, pre-order supplies, and get a material list for the various activities from the comfort of their home.

FORCE Curriculum is offered to schools, companies, after school programs, and any other educational organization including homeschooling. The curriculum package includes a materials list for projects, STEM Kits including all materials needed for the projects, written instructions, lesson plans and worksheets explaining the relevant stem concepts, and instructional videos.

F.O.R.C.E. Development is professional development for teachers and other professionals who have a desire to teach students STEM. It can be added to an existing professional development training and curriculum. This workshop also introduces educators to our programming, which raises the success of the overall programming for the students.
Companies/Schools/home-schools/community orgs
Individual and small groups of Students

Program methodology


Projects for K-12 students

STEM kits for students and more

Live hands-on STEM projects

Our programs incorporate all of the aspects above.

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Projects for K-12 students: We offer kits for every school-age student. The project topics incorporate the major STEM industries in Oklahoma to expose students to local companies and industries.
STEM kits for students: We ensure that students have access to quality and affordable STEM programming through our internal manufacturing of STEM kits.
Live hands-on STEM projects: Students of all ages are able to participate in interactive hands-on learning experiences based around STEM.

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